5 Health Benefits of Vitamins, Backed by Science?

5 Health Benefits of Vitamin c, Backed by Science?

Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin. Another name for this is ascorbic acid. There is a lot of antioxidant involved. Increasing white atoms. Thus boosting the immune system. These cannot be stored in the body. Immediately absorbed into the pit. Excess nutrients are discharged through small droplets.Foods in vitamin C: found in all citrus fruits such as cucumber, gooseberry, orange, lemon, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli. Vitamin C Deficiency: Vitamin C deficiency can make the skin dry. Affecting teeth and gums.Collagen is not produced. This results in a decrease in muscle strength. Severe vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy.

Benefits of Vitamin C: Cold: When you eat foods rich in Vitamin C, you can prevent colds and viral fever, which can boost your immune system.

High Blood Pressure: People who have high blood pressure eat foods rich in vitamin C, which can lower blood pressure.

Stress: For those suffering from stress and work stress, the hormones that are triggered are calmed down. Works as a reliever to relieve tension in the nerves.

Reduces cholesterol: fast stimulates fat metabolism. The fat is then converted into energy. Stimulates collagen production: Collagen gives shape to our body. Collagen protein is one of the reasons for youth and physical flexibility. Vitamin C is an essential requirement for collagen production.

Healthy skin: Taking Vitamin C in everyday life can help you get younger and healthier. More wounds soon heal. Vitamin C is essential for ingesting iron in the body.


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