Corona infection to fall in summer: US hopes?

Corona infection to fall in summer: US hopes:

Washington: Coronavirus rapidly weakens due to sunlight, heat and humidity. This is a sign that the epidemic may become less contagious in the summer, according to US officials.
Willian Byrne, head of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Science and Technology, said: The coronavirus survives indoors and in the dry.

The coronavirus loses its energy when the temperature and humidity increase, especially when sunlight is on it. Corona dies quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. On an unusual surface such as stainless steel, the Coronavirus takes 18 hours to lose half its strength in a dark, low humidity environment. Under high humidity conditions, the half-life of the coronavirus was reduced to six hours. And when the virus is exposed to high humidity and sunlight, Half-life reduced to two minutes.

Researchers have similarly discovered the effect of coronavirus suspended in the air.

The infection is often spread by coughing or sneezing. In a darkened room, the virus exerted its strength for an hour. But when exposed to sunlight, it lost half its strength in 90 seconds for US scienticed said, it lost half its strength in 90 seconds. Researchers have also found that isopropyl alcohol is a more effective disinfectant than bleach.

This discovery is promising to make it less susceptible to warmer climates than other respiratory illnesses, such as coronavirus influenza. However, hot weather conditions such as Singapore have caused the death of the corona. This raises broad questions about the impact of environmental factors on corona distribution.

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Us president Trump predicted:

Trump told reporters at a White House meeting that researchers should try to use their findings to coronavirus patients by applying light or disinfectant to their body. Once I mentioned it would go away with heat and light. People don’t like that statement too much. Provinces will have to wait until the evidence for the coronavirus has gradually subsided for two weeks. While some provinces show signs of improvement, Americans may have to maintain a social gap until the start of the summer, Trump said.

Trump has backed protests in some states.

Trump, who has backed protests in some provinces against the social gap, has criticized Georgia’s mayor, Brian Kemp, for moving too fast. Meanwhile, 16 provinces in the US are planning to reopen their economies and simplify regulations to reduce the spread of the epidemic. Georgia and South Carolina have allowed some businesses to reopen this week. Health officials have warned that inadequate tests to assess how many people are affected could lead to more deaths.




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