Corona kills in the US exceed 37 thousand. Donald Trump confuse how to stop virus?

Corona kills in the US exceed 37 thousand. Donald Trump confuse how to stop virus?

Washington: Corona death toll in the United States has risen to 37,158. 7, 10,021 people have been affected. 60,510 people were healed. There are 612,353 people receiving treatment. Of them, 13,509 are in the intensive care unit.In the meantime, 4,591 people were killed in a single day in the United States, where Corona is still raging. The previous day saw a maximum of 2,569 deaths in the United States. The American people are terrified by the rising death toll.

Coronavirus killed many people in New York City:

In New York City alone, 3,778 people died in the last week. Corona was the worst-hit country, behind 22, 179 people in Italy, 19,130 ​​in Spain and 17,920 in France.

At the press conference, Donald Trump said: “We have attacked.

In fact, I see the spread of the virus as an attack. This is not something, just a normal virus spread. The last, like the Spanish Blue Virus outbreak in 1917, was a terrible outbreak. We have announced relief measures worth several trillions of rupees to help the people affected by the economic crisis. This, in turn, increases state debt. But other than that, there is no other option. I can see all the problems. This is the solution to this problem.

In the history of the world, the United States has been the best economic country We were better than China and other countries. But very soon, we will become stronger and stronger. We are doing all the necessary assistance for all the provinces. Until I fully recover from the problem, I will not.

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When it comes to the return of the full normalcy in the United States,

economists and psychiatrists have said: For the past few weeks, the White House, which has been warning people every day about the virus, is currently talking about opening up the country. However, as the virus continues to rise and the number of casualties continues, people’s minds are not worried. Restrictions have been relaxed in many provinces.

This can provide some comfort for people who are paralyzed at home. As President Trump expects, economic growth at rocket speeds cannot be expected. Gradually, the fear among the people must be overcome. Mentally, we need to prepare people Last, in 2003, a curfew was put in place in Toronto, Canada due to the SARS virus. By then, more than 25 thousand people were paralyzed. It takes weeks for them to return to normal. At present, we are in a worse situation. And so it can take several months for people to return to normalcy.


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