Coronavirus Don’t ignore these symptoms Advice from doctors!

coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus Don’t ignore these symptoms Advice from doctors!

Coronavirus is becoming more and more intense without getting too aggressive. It can be disclosed to anyone at any time. Doctors are warning people not to ignore normal symptoms. The first of the COVID-19 infectious symptoms is cold, flu, dry cough. But these are usually caused by a viral infection. But people are frozen in fear that the common virus is infected with the corona.

They take cough or self-medication even if they get a cold and cough. Doctors advise people to be aware of coronavirus spreading in India. At the same time, it is also important to consult a doctor without delay if they continue to have colds and coughs for more than two days. The recent declined in taste may also be an indication. If you know the signs, it is best to isolate yourself. It is safe for everyone to be aware at this point that it is a bit difficult to heal before the onset of symptoms, as many of the symptoms we ignore are likely to be infected.

Coronavirus spread in China from Dec 31:

The infection was confirmed at the site of the sale of animal and marine meats in Wuhan, China. The virus, which was discovered on December 31, was named Coronavirus. Currently, named COVID-19. China’s National Health Agency and World Health Organization have warned that the virus is transmitted from man to man. In the last four months, the number of people infected with the coronavirus virus has reached 10 million. More than 53 thousand people have died in the epidemic. Because until now no drugs have been found to destroy the virus.

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Some drugs have been found to cure coronavirus and are being tested on animals. It is noteworthy that a few days ago someone in the United States was given a vaccine for the infection. Since no drugs have been found to date, only caution and health will save us for now. This epidemic has been confirmed by some in the US, South Korea and Thailand as a result of some of those returning from China. This was followed by a thermal screening test at the airport for travelers returning to India from China and Hong Kong.

Coronavirus Don't ignore these symptoms Advice from doctors!

Coronavirus spread in India

Based on the suspicion of the virus infection, only 11 passengers from Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad were isolated and tested. It is noteworthy that the infected people recover after intensive care. Currently, the infection has been confirmed in India by more than 2000 people. Of these, over 150 have been healed and over 50 have died. We are currently in the third stage of the corona epidemic.

It is possible to breathe slightly if this phase is not exceeded by risk. There is no denying that otherwise there is an increased risk.It is equipped with ready-made beds in all hospitals in major cities in India. Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, the premier hospital in Tamil Nadu, has set up a dedicated ward to check the virus. Let’s see what the signs are.

Coronavirus symptoms Advice from doctors!

This virus, which is like a common flu, is like the common flu. They have a higher temperature than the body temperature. The victim or someone from his family may have traveled to China. Or visiting relatives or friends who have traveled there. Anyone can relate to China travel in the neighborhood.

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Therefore, consult your doctor immediately without taking pills for fever. The spread is increasing because the symptoms appear within 14 to 20 days after the outbreak. Virus infection testing should be delayed if the temperature is more than three consecutive days. Medical department advises not to self-medicate at this time if you have a flu infection The medical department is concerned that the fever is now 14 days after the onset of the disease and after 27 days the infection can be prevented from spreading rapidly. Thus, isolation of the mucus and cough can prevent the spread of infection

The flu usually accompanies colds and coughs. So do not conclude that these are due to heat or cold. Persistent cough and cold may be an indication of this viral infection. People who have both fever and mucus during fever should not spit in public areas.

Separate yourself from those at home. Please don’t go outside.

Healthy disposal at home is safe for everyone. When sneezing, it is best to cover your hands with sneezing and wash your hands with soapy water immediately. Do not rub your hands carefully when going outdoors. When you come home, wash your hands with soap and water.




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