How to get rid of Lice home remedies Simple Tips!!!

How to get rid of Lice home remedies Simple Tips!!!

Lice … a small type of parasite that is transmitted by humans. The comb used by the person with the lice is easily spread through towels and sleeping on his side. It not only absorbs the blood but also scratches the head and damages the hair roots.

    • Hair damage can be caused by damage to the roots. The most vulnerable are young girls who go to school. Frequent itching at school can be troublesome. Because lice are highly productive, it is best to remove them to remove it using home remedies can see.
    • Neemil and basil: Neem leaves have the ability to eradicate bacteria. Tulsi helps to cool down and regulate blood flow. Gently grind the basil and neem leaf, rub it on the roots and cool the head when dry. If you do this twice a week there will be no lice.

  • Salt and Vinegar: Mix the salt and vinegar in equal quantities and spray it with a spray bottle to fill the roots. After two hours of bathing the head, there will be no lice.
  • Garlic: The smell of garlic is very firm. This scent can be uncomfortable for lice. Grind the garlic and mix it with a little lemon juice on the head and apply it on your face for 30 minutes. Let’s do it once a week.
  • Vaseline: Rub the vaseline of petroleum jelly into the roots and sleep at night. The next morning with coconut oil rubbed with lice, all lice will come. Then head to the bath …
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