Medicinal uses of chapati fruit

The most important reason for the medicinal use of chapati cactus, also known as nagathali, is its micronutrients, in excess. Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and high in fiber, it is rich in vitamin G. Excess potassium in it protects against high blood pressure by removing waste products from the blood vessels and preventing heart disease.This chapati cactus fruit helps in relieving nausea, body fatigue and heat caused by awning while grazing sheep and cows in dry lands.

I have realized that among the tribes this chapati cactus is used as medicine as the best food. When we wander in the forest far away, take the gel inside the chapati cactus flap to mix the polluted water in the streams with fresh water and mix it with the polluted water for a while.

It has been felt in my experience that no matter how far you walk, you will not get tired or hungry. I also know that giving its fruit to children in the fire is a complete cure for dark-skinned rabies.

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Applications of Nagathali:

1. Use chapatti cactus paste as a top coat to get rid of swelling.
2. Any lump that occurs in the body, along with the word inside the flap, the white stone called quadz and the two will be evenly spaced to stick to the lumps and it will come to the armpit neck area This is the best medicine for tumors. The tumor will dissolve in a day or two.
3. If you eat nagathali fruit, all the defects related to the larynx, gallbladder, rectum, will be removed. Tuberculosis cough and bleeding will be resolved.
4. Inflammation of the gallbladder  To solve this, the so-called nostrils give the fruit of the cobra and get cured immediately\

5. It can be used as a medicine for Alzheimer’s disease also known as memory loss.
6. The high quality fiber in chapati cactus reduces obesity by removing unwanted fats from the body. That is why we realize that in countries like Brazil, hundreds of crores of rupees are being traded for the anti-depressant drug extracted from it. There are indications in paranormal medicine that if it is used as fire water, the body will be reduced and diabetes will be controlled.

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