New keratin treatment for it possible?

New keratin treatment for it possible?

What if keratin?
Keratin is the main ingredient in hair and nails. It is the hardest protein available in nature. Keratin is used in hair treatments and hair straightening. This will make the hair soft and shiny.

Firm binding:
Says Mumbai hairstylist Sahar, “My clientele likes using keratin. With this treatment, gaps in the root of the hair are filled, and the broken, dry, damaged hair is repaired, he says. Although curly hair may not be completely straight, it will definitely turn silky smooth. To make the hair smooth, a regular hair dryer is no longer needed.

How is it done?
Keratin is mixed with formaldehyde at several levels and coated in the hair. Then the cover is covered with a suit of flat iron.

Hot Styles
There are 3 things to look out for this month: the cold, the parties, and the hair problem that comes with it. Therefore, your hair needs a lot of care and attention.

What is Heat Styling?

Heat styling is all kinds of styling that can be done using heat, from rollers to curlers, to flat irons to flow drivers. Flooring, ironing, or creating curly hair can be beneficial. But if you do excessive styling more often, your hair will be craving for a rest. Before you begin to criticize the equipment for this, remember what the side effect of these technologies is.

Secure the hair

There are many items available for protection from the suite. Some of them give straight, shiny or sparkling curly hair. Some other mild styling will help. You can select the best products as needed. These makes styling easier and more relevant. It is very easy to apply heat-resistant products on wet hair. To protect the hair, apply this product while the hair is wet.- After coating the heat-resistant material, comb the hair with a soft, wide tooth comb. Thus spreading it evenly to most places.

Avoid styling equipment that is likely to have metal parts in the hair. Some parts of those devices can get extra hot. This can cause a great deal of damage to the hair. Styling devices with ceramic surfaces are good.

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We tell you how to get this style?

Apply shampoo and conditioner on the hair, leave-in conditioner. Then dry the plastics. Use the fingers and make waves. If you have thick hair, apply a smoothing oil from half the length of the hair to the rim to reduce complications. If you have straight or thin hair, extra hold is needed to keep the waves compact Use flat ceramic or curling tang to create curls in the hair. It should begin two to three inches away from the root of the hair.

Start at the hind end (hold the iron vertically so that its tip is slightly above the ear) and move up to the summit. Then move Y to both sides. Make waves in one inch sizes. On both sides, stop the curled hair with pins. When the heat is low in the hair, let the fingers Gothic. Use a beautiful hair accessory to give a romantic look.



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