Postpartum seizure | Pregnancy care Tips for women

Postpartum seizure | Pregnancy care Tips for women

Pregnancy care(Postpartum seizure)

Why is epilepsy important?

Eclampsia is a condition in which the mother and baby have a severe seizure in late pregnancy, which can sometimes be fatal. Medical statistics worry (eclampsia)

Eclampsia causes 14 percent of maternal deaths worldwide. Approximately, a woman in her 50s dies of eclampsia. 23% of women need a ventilator. At least 35% of women experience severe complications such as pneumonia, kidney failure, thrombosis, acute bronchitis, stroke and heart attack.

People with an Eclampsia problem in 14 have complications such as stillbirth or stillbirth.

By prioritizing some symptoms of pre-eclampsia within 20 weeks of gestation, the risk of maternal and child death due to postpartum seizures can be avoided.

What is pre-eclampsia?

‘‘ A few women may experience high blood pressure and organ failure, especially kidney or liver failure, during pregnancy. Problems that occur during pregnancy are called pre-eclampsia. ”

What are the causes of pre-eclampsia?

“There are many causes of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Lack of adequate blood flow to the uterus. (This condition is usually associated with the iris.) Sometimes it can be caused by a malfunction of the immune system; Damage to the blood vessels can affect the blood flow to the developing fetus and uterus; Some women’s genes can also cause preeclampsia. ‘

Who is at risk for pre-eclampsia?

* Young and over 40 women are more likely to get pre-eclampsia.
* The risk for pre-eclampsia is highest during the first trimester.
* People who are overweight need to be careful.
* Women carrying twins or more should also be careful

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* Precautions are required before anyone in the family has a personal or family history of preeclampsia.
* The chance of preeclampsia increases if you are already being treated for chronic high blood pressure.
* Pre-eclampsia is also a problem for women undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment
May occur.

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What are the signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia?

“Sometimes preeclampsia strikes without any signs or symptoms. If there are symptoms they can cause the blood pressure to exceed 140/90 more than twice. Dizziness or vomiting, severe headache, decreased urination, decreased platelet count, liver Functional examination Abnormalities, shortness of breath, increased protein in the urine, abdominal pain in the upper right side below the ribs, sudden weight gain and swelling. Compare it with the experiments that have been done since it can occur during a normal pregnancy. ”

When to see a doctor?

“A medical professional should monitor the pregnant woman during each pregnancy. Pregnant women can also be alert for the presence of preeclampsia when they continue to see a doctor for advice when symptoms are not clear. When you see a doctor, you should immediately report any of the above symptoms, especially if they occur during the first trimester. ”

What are the tests for pre-eclampsia?

“Blood tests can be done to make sure the liver, kidneys and blood vessels are normal. Kidney analysis can determine the level of protein in the urine within 24 hours. The protein creatinine ratio can be determined in a urine random test. The fetus can be detected by ultrasound, stress-free examination, or biophysical profile. ”

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The risk of pre-eclampsia?

“Despite the many risk factors, only a few signs in the blood can diagnose pre-eclampsia. The Placenta Growth Factor (PLGF) test is the most important test to diagnose and treat it. Women’s serum and renal PLGF test levels are low during the diagnosis of preeclampsia and in advanced stages. ”

What are the issues with this?

“If preeclampsia is severe, it is important to find out if there is a chance of having a premature baby to save both mother and baby. The risk of the placenta separating from the uterus before the baby is born is high. Pre-eclampsia can lead to advanced seizures without proper treatment. Pre-eclampsia is a condition in which the fetus does not get enough nutrients as there is not enough blood flowing to the placenta. This can severely affect the development of the fetus. ”

How to prevent or avoid pre-eclampsia?

“One of the best ways to manage pre-eclampsia is to diagnose and treat it early, especially at high risk. Do not take pills, medications, vitamin or mineral pills without consulting your doctor. Medical advice is important throughout pregnancy. ”

When there is pre-eclampsia, how does it affect the mother and child?

“Depending on the mother, there may be complications such as organ damage, high blood pressure, seizures, slow fetal development, low birth weight and placental abruption.”Treatment for pre-eclampsia …” If it is still a long time before childbirth, the doctor should make some effort. The doctor should make sure to take the right medicine pills as many pills given to lower blood pressure during pregnancy are dangerous.

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If you have severe pre-eclampsia syndrome, steroids may work to temporarily improve your liver, improve blood pressure, and prolong your pregnancy. If you have a seizure, you should take the prescribed medication to treat it properly. Complete rest is important. It is best to seek treatment in a hospital before delivery. ”

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