Top 10 foods to gain weight | best foods to gain weight

Top 10 foods to gain weight | the best foods to gain weight

What to eat to gain weight?( best foods to gain weight)

Body weight should be at the right level. That means it is important to have the right body weight for height. Being overweight for that average is also a risk. Nor is it good to have a very low body weight. There are various ways to lose weight. You can go from diet to exercise to stacking.

But loading weight is a bit of a challenge. Some people are seen with very lean physique. It does not give a beautiful look to their body structure. So they think that there is no way to gain weight. Similarly, a few children will be found to be very naughty. So their parents will be more upset. It is the lament of many mothers that no matter what they eat my baby will never gain weight.

So what we are going to look at in this post is what foods can help you gain weight. Women, men and children can all gain weight by eating these foods. Come read more!

Foods to increase body weight:

1. Sesame

Sesame will help those who are very thin weight. If they add this to their diet often, they will gain weight better. It can be used to make dishes like sesame chutney, sesame powder and sesame seeds. Sesame is also a delicious food item! Do not forget that ‘sesame for the young’ was the word of our ancestors.

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2. Salmon

These fish are rich in protein and fat. So it can be added to the diet twice a week. This will give the fish the nutrients it needs and help it gain weight.

3. Avocado fruits

These fruits are high in calories, fat, vitamins and minerals. There will be an environment where other foods have to be cooked and eaten. But this kind of fruit can be easily eaten. By eating an avocado fruit a day, you will start gaining weight.

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4. Ghee

Nail is high in calories and fat. It is high in protein. When this is added to the food, the taste of the food increases. For example, ghee can be added to sambar, dosa and palakars. With this you will definitely start gaining weight.

5. Egg

Eggs play an important role in strengthening the muscles and bones of the body. That’s why athletes eat eggs every day. Only then will they not lose weight.Also found with physical strength. Both the yolk and the white of the egg are high in nutrients. Eggs are the best food for those who are very lean. Eating eggs every day is sure to improve body weight

6. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are very essential for physical health. At the same time these fruits have the property of increasing body weight. Those who want to gain weight can eat this dried fruit daily. Especially dried grapes are good for fruit.

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7. Dairy products

Dairy products are high in fat, carbohydrates, protein, various vitamins and calcium. Dairy products include milk, butter, yogurt, cheese lumps, etc.
It is optimal to eat these to gain weight.

8. Rice

Rice is high in calories and carbohydrates. Those who are determined to gain weight can eat rice meal. Hand-rolled rice is still ideal to eat.

9. Tuber varieties

Tuber varieties have the right amount of carbohydrates. This nutrient can help you gain weight. Therefore, it is advisable to include potatoes, sugar beets and sweet potatoes in the diet.

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10. Nuts

Almonds and cashews are high in fat. Eating these nuts can help you gain weight.

11. Meat

Non-vegetarian foods play a major role in weight gain. It is noteworthy that weight gain can be achieved by eating mutton and chicken. Not only this, it can be taken with any kind of non-vegetarian food like quail, gourd, pork, rabbit, shrimp.

12. Beans

This coil is high in protein. It contains about 300 grams of calories. Non-vegetarians are advised to eat high nutrient rich vegetables like this. This will increase the body weight.

13. Olive oil

Oils are generally high in fat.
As such, olive oil is high in calories and is good for cooking with this oil. There are a lot of opportunities to gain weight. All oils such as peanut oil made from groundnut and coconut oil made from coconut are suitable for weight gain.

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14. Banana

Bananas contain vitamins and carbohydrates. You can get good results by eating two or three bananas a day. It is especially recommended taking lemon slices with honey daily. Kids will love this and it will help them to gain a lot of weight.

15. Dark chocolate
It is high in calories and fat. It also contains antioxidants. It is ideal for those who have decided to gain weight.

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